How to lower CPU clocks in windows

Hi all.

I have a i5 notebook that runs at a good high speed.
But normally I don't need it running at 2.3 Ghz.
I can't underclock the CPU in BIOS like I would on a desktop.
So, in Windows, is there a way to clock down further in idle mode or not clock up until there's a high CPU utilization?
OR is 2.3 Ghz as low as the i5 2410m CPU can get ?

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    Your cpu should downclock to 800mhz at idle unless you deactivated speedstep in bios or changed your windows power settings. You can download cpuz and check you speed in real-time.

    You should also be able to turn off turbo in the bios so it won't go higher than 2.3. Or also change windows power options and set your maximum processor state to less than 100%.
  2. Hi,
    There was no speedstep options in BIOS.
    After seeing the clock speed in "Control Panel\System and Security\System" never change from 2.3 Ghz and it seems speedstep was not working. I also changed the Processor Power Management in the Power Options/Advanced Settings - this didn't seem to do anything.

    I ran CPU-z like you suggested. Then I got 800 Mhz :)
    But after running SuperPi, it stayed at 800 :S It took 3DMark06-CPU test to finally get 2.3 Ghz...
    Since the notebook ran well at 800 Mhz and stayed at 800 until all cores/threads where under high load, this makes me think the i5-2410M run VERY well at low speeds and runs VERY fast at high speeds. blows away my old Core Dual.
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