I5 430m 2x multiplier! and low wei score

Hi all, i just did a clean install of win 7 in my laptop, and hp dm4 1060us i5 430m, 4 GB ram, hd graphics, intel 510 ssd. But my computer feels slow, so i downloaded cpu Z and it says the multiplier vary from 1x to 5x giving a core speed of around 400 MHz at 3x.. the thing is i would though it just a bad reading, but when i run the windows experience index it says only 4.4 for cpu and ram! I thing it should get around 6 with this processor in that department..
PD: core temp displays the correct multiplier, but that doesnt answer the low wei score...
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  1. If I'm not mistaken, those laptop cpu's clock down when not being heavily used, maybe that's the issue. Did you run cpu-z while running other programs?
  2. the thing is that when it was new the wei score was around 6.5 for the processor and ram, and now is only 4.4... i know that the lowest the multiplier should go is around 10, and 19 with full turboboost, now its running at 6x at full load! any suggestion on what might be happening? i though about a drivers issue, but i installed the driver that came with my machine and worked fine back then... I really dont know what is going on
  3. OK, now i'm sure that cpu-z shows the correct speed (sadly), i discovered that when i put my battery and disconnect from AC it goes to 1.3 GHz and increase with load (it works ok), but when i connect the AC it goes back to 400 MHz (even on load) and it is slow as hell. the temps are around 50 or less so it is not an issue.
    I tried modifying the configurations in windows power management but with no luck(copying exactly the "on battery" and "plugged in" configurations)... Now i am officially out of ideas, i tried everything that occurred to me, i even flashed the BIOS but it remains the same
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