Random Shutdowns and Freezing

Hello all,

I'm looking for some assistance on a reoccurring computer issue. Here's what I have.

My computer shuts down at various times. It may shut down any minute while I'm typing this or could last another day or so. When it does shut down, like it did a few minutes ago, it will sometimes come right back up and give me several minutes longer to do random tasks and then will either freeze up or completely shut down. When I first noticed this problem it was mainly doing it while watching videos and such. When it freezes up during videos it's makes this really annoying noise until I reboot the PC. The keyboard and mouse are also non responsive at these times. Now it seems to just freeze up while it's sitting idle and I'm just staring at the screen at times. My thoughts want to go toward the power supply but I don't know as much about PCs as I would like. I've also had many times, again like earlier today, where I can't get the thing to come on at all. I press the power button and it fires up for about a second and then all of the fans stop working and nothing happens. A blue light on the motherboard is still on though.

A while back I did have a bad MOBO which EVGA sent me a replacement on.

That's everything I can think of at this time. If you have any help you can provide it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help in advance.


Here's the specs.

Intel Core2Duo E8400
Vista 32
4GB 2x2 Gskill Ram
EVGA GTX 260 video card (only one)
OCZ 700w Power Supply
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  1. As it freezes and jams the audio and due to the randomness of the events I would put your HDD as the first suspect. The second area I would check is the PSU. Third choice is Motherboard.
  2. I'm going to see if I can find another hard drive to try. I was suggested also from some friends to download speed fan because they thought it sounded like a heat issue. Well, I had previously downloaded Core Temp and Core Temp showed everything looking normal but Speed Fan gave me different results. I have an image I want to include but I'm in a rush and can't see how to right now. GPU is at 49C, System 127C, CPU 95C, Aux 33C, Temp 127C, HD0 33C, Temp 1 40C, Core 0 32C, Core 1 29C. Let me know your thoughts. And thanks again.
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    system 127c??!!!!!! CPU 95c!!! i think you have a faulty temp sensor somewhere, that may be causing the issue. Probably the motherboard.
  4. Hey all, I finally got the PC to boot up long enough to download memtest. I've always had a problem figuring it out because I guess I kept looking for a program I could download and then just run. They have one now!! I got it on my USB and ran it. I passed 4 times on my first stick and then went to bed and passed 11 times on my second. No errors on either. The really weird thing is, I called EVGA to see about getting an RMA on my MOBO and he wanted me to run memtest too. So after tinkering for a bit and taking parts in and out to try and get it running long enough to satisfy evga to get my RMA, I unscrewed my Hard Drive and currently have it resting on top of my Video Card. The case is still wide open. It's been up for about 4 days now with no problems. Well, at least I have the memory checked off. I think next I may get another Hard Drive to test out if it happens again.
  5. Yeah HDD is my first pick for now. Lets see what happens when you swap it out.
  6. First off, thanks guys for your assistance in trying to diagnose my computer issues. It's nice having a place you can go that has tons of knowledgeable people that can point you in the right direction.

    Now for the update. I called Western Digital to see about an RMA on the Hard Drive. They had me run one of their diagnostic programs and it came back perfect. I was told the WD has a pretty thorough test and that if it came back good then it probably wasn't the HD. So, with the HD and the Memory marked off, I'm now looking into the MOBO. I called EVGA and I am doing an RMA. I decided to try and do a memory test on both sticks together and I got some errors. This tells me that at least one Memory slot is bad which is enough to get an RMA. I'll post my findings once I get the new MOBO.

    Also, I search for a possible reason that Speedfan had my temperature for the system at 127 degrees. What I found was that it seems that 127 is the default setting if you don't have any sensors for that particular area set up. I'm not 100% on that but that's what I found on other forums.

    Thanks again for all your help. Should be a few days to a week before I get my RMA completed.
  7. Well, EVGA didn't honor their lifetime warranty as it was not registered within 30 days of the purchase. So, make sure whenever you buy something new to register it asap. I won't make that mistake again. Anyway, I bought I new Gigabyte Mobo that should be here on Monday for me to test out. In the mix of looking for a new Mobo I decided to look into testing the PSU. I learned how to test my PSU using a multimeter and I have found that my PSU is working perfectly.

    *side note* I built mine and my cousins Computers roughly about the same time and after talking with him his has been down for months. I borrowed his to try and swap out parts. I've found his issues and have parts ordered but last night I decided to swap out my E8400 for his E6750. It ran for several hours and I thought that it might be the Processor and not the Mobo but right before I went to bed it froze up on me.

    I'll post a final update on Monday or Tuesday once the new MOBO is in and post my findings. With trying a New CPU, Video Card(I used a 8800GT), Memtesting the Ram, Running diagnostics on the Hard Drive(and I tried another one), and using a multimeter on the PSU, I've come to the conclusion it has to be the Mobo.
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  9. Hello all. I just wanted to post that I received my new MOBO from new egg. "Gigabyte". It's been working perfect with no issues. Thanks all for the advice and assistance.
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