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I have a new build with P8Z68 V LX. Go to Asustek, U.S. and look at motherboards to see what is current bios.
At first I could see the Z68 section but the V LX page was blank.
Now The Z68 page is blank. The has been going on for over a week. Is there another place to check for bios and downloads? this was blank and now back up , but V LX link now does nothing.
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    You should contact Asus' support to report this.

    To get yourself sorted, go to the global site. This never crashes (while I can agree that the USA site is mediocre at best). The global site does show this and I think you should be able to get your stuff from there. That's the HQ site and most current anyways, I'd advise using the global site most of the time.
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