WHat sould I upgrade

Here is my current build for playing mostly starcraft with some bfbc2 at 1080p. But I tone bf down so I get decent fps. My question is: Is this a balanced and adequate budget gaming build for my purposes? If not, what things should I upgrade? I have some extra cash and I want to know i if i need/should upgrade. THANKS GUYS!!!
PRETTY MUCH just tell me if u could upgrade 1 or 2 things on my budget (like $500) pc, what would they be?
(AND NO MY CPU IS NOT .8 GHZ!) idk why it says it is
2 WD 250 gb 5400 rpm HDDs
asus dvd b
coolit eco alc
my asus 23" 1080p lcd monitor
rosewill 500w
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    I'd recommend upgrading to 4gigs and better gcard. That should keep you ok for now and then once bulldozer comes out get a new cpu/mobo.
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