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I need a new case. Plain and simple. The old one is small, has terrible airflow, and only supports microATX motherboards. The problem is that case reviews/comparisons are so few and far between it's hard to get a good feel for what is quality and what isn't.
I generally look for:
A. Bottom mount PSU
B. Ability to mount intake fans on the bottom of the case and outflow on top.
C. Side panel window
D. Low price

Any and every suggestion is appreciated.
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  1. What is your budget?
  2. Are you capable of case modding? Do you have a dremel?
  3. I can case mod and I'm thinking no more than $75.
  4. Great case with lots of mod potential, get out the dremel and make your own side window, perspex is cheap enough.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I ended up going with the rosewill cruiser because it had everything I was looking for and that massive side intake fan. It should even fit my cm-212+ if I slice the fan guard a little.
  6. Seems good value for money, report back and let us no how you get on with it, pics of your build and mods would be good to.
  7. Ok I'll get some pics of the new build on Monday when I'm back in town. I wrote up a review on newegg so I'll put up some of the highlights and a link.
    It's the one titled "A Big Win"

    The main strong points were its Functional capability with amazing airflow and its visual appeal with a look of dominance and the bright leds.
    The main weak point was the build quality. The metal I/O shield had to be chiseled off and one of the 4 included fans was broken. Screws strip and snap through the plastic easily. It's not a problem for me since it didn't affect the usability of the case, but it could be a problem ofr others.

    Overall I was impressed with what I could get for $54 (shell shocker deal)
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