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Just got a new build; 2600k, Corsair 8g DDR3, 650 Watt psu, EVGA 465, WD 500gig 7200 RPM, and p8p67 motherboard.

Description: Built and booted fine, installed windows 7 64. After roughly 3 hours of runtime, crashed after a bluescreen. No event viewer notes. Continued to restart randomly, sometimes entering restart cycles. Computer would restart randomly, whether in windows or bios or even memtest. Ran memtest v4 for over 4 hours (6+ passes), no errors. Reseated all items (gpu, ram, heatsink). Sometimes would be stable for hours on Windows. Sometimes would disable *randomly* back ports of motherboard (mouse and keyboard go inactive).

I am somewhat computer savvy, certainly no guru. I know what it takes to build a computer and the basics. This issue has stumped me and my friends.. I have concluded it was the motherboard (at least to start) so I have RMA'd it. Is it possible anything else could be bad i.e. Processor, RAM, ect.. note that it passed memtest, ran stable for hours, ect.
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  1. That really doesn't get me anywhere, thanks though.. I am 98% sure it was the mobo causing the issues. When I placed my order on the mobo, it was rated 4/5 with 1 one star review, I checked it the night I was having issues and it had risen to 21 one star reviews. Tons of issues with the board from other customers. I mainly came here wondering if it could be caused by the CPU, but with the back ports turning off from time to time, the reboots, random memory issues (board had memok feature), along with the one aforementioned issues. But as stated, ram tested fine for hours of memtest.

    The restarts and other issues wouldn't occur on any certain event, it was completely random.. if I was browsing the net, playing a game, sitting on my desktop, booting, or sitting in bios.
  2. anyone have any idea?
  3. ^ From what you are saying, the mobo looks to be the one causing trouble,... Just confirm that your CPU doesnt have any bent pins, also is the PSU working fine, random restarts are also mostly attributed to faulty or underpowered PSUs(In your case check if it is faulty as 650W would suffice for your PC)
  4. Computer hardware is rated for ~450 watt minimum, so 650 gives me much breathing room. Processor looks good, ect..

    Would these issues be caused by 'bad cores' or something of the sort?

    Plus, in regards to the PSU, I'd think bluescreens and random freezes / ports disabling, ect wouldn't be from power.. would it? not to mention the restarting over and over, sometimes 2 times sometimes 8 times.
  5. ^ It can happen even when the PSU is getting overloaded or overheating,...
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