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I'm looking to start a discussion about a gaming monitor with the following

23 or more inches
FULL ARRAY LED (not just ring led)
120 Hz or more (more then 60fps?)
Nividia 3D vision compatible
Min Res of 1080x1920 of course
2-3 Ms response

I found only 1 or 2 of these so far for outrageous prices.

Id like to know if anyone has and suggestions or finds one on sale or a good price or when they will be available.
Or if there are any problems or hiccups
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  1. Samsung Syncmaster P2370

    very good monitor, perfect for gaming. bit costly :)
  2. i dont think thats a led. its says lcd only
  3. Why the mandate on the LED? An LCD Monitor with LED Ring Backlight does reduce power consumption by about 20W, but dropping the LED backlight is probably the only way to make the monitor semi affordable.
  4. I though the LED monitor used even less power then the LCD. The main thing... I think is getting one on nvidias list approved for 3d vision. I want to be sure its fully compatible. with upcoming games and etc.
    I'm not too worried about the price I was expecting 2-4 hundred for a sale with those listed specs. Especially 2-3ms response.
  5. Well, 20W is a significant portion (which is why I prefer LED backlights as well). A typical 23 inch CCFL monitor at moderate brightness consumes about 50W, while a typical 23 inch LED monitor needs only about 25W. So the 20-25W is nearly 50%, which is quite good.
  6. yea i agree its been quite a job reading and learning what to look for. using 1/2 the power would be a plus, i just ready about the "full array" led just cant find much for sale yet
  7. I don't know of any affordable full array LEDs either. It is also worth noting with a full array, the power savings may not be as significant, nor will the monitor be as thin as the ring. However I have seen the full white array of LEDs in many TVs, so it isn't that hard. The full tricolor LED array is in very expensive monitors.
  8. ^Wow Thanks good info
  9. I read unless u get a full array its really not very different from just plain LCD. So i guess I'm back to just keeping my 22" LCD as its too expensive to get a full array 2-3ms quality monitor and there is probably little if any benefit to buying a ring led.. i think.
    I will have to wait probably a year or 2
  10. What will be powering the LCD? In short what gpu do you have?
  11. i have HD5850 but i'm looking at an upgrade soon, and plan on keeping it upgraded,
    and i prefer a full array led 120hz not an lcd
  12. 120Hz refresh rate Not only improves response ,it also can create 3D effects.
    So that players can get better gaming ,also can be very stunning 3D effect.
    I'm sure "ASUS VG236H 23-Inch 120 Hz 3D Ready Panel Monitor with nVidia 3D Vision Kit"
    is the best gaming monitor for you.
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