Hey there community, I'm here for some feedback. I've got a computer that is in the stone age currently. I wanted to update the cpu, mobo and ram so that my youngest brother can use it for gaming. Currently, I have two processors in mind. Both are AMD just under $100 because this more so a budget refurb.

AMD Athlon II x4 640 - 95W, 3.0 Ghz, 2mb L2 Cache,

AMD Phenom II x2 555 BE - 80W, 3.2 Ghz, 1mb L2 Cache, 6mb L3 Cache

Both processors are sporting socket AM3, however there are pros and cons to both. Naturally, the 640 has its 2 additional cores allowing for better multitasking, however that's the only pro I can think of, albeit a good pro nonetheless. The 555 on the other hand shows off a higher clock rate which can be further increased via the unlocked multiplier (and I've read up that these things are quite overclockable, and you even have the chance of unlocking additional cores though they may possibly be unstable) and there is of course that 6mb of L3 Cache. The uses for the computer are, as aforementioned, gaming, as well as some video/photo editing. Nothing too extensive, some CS5 and a teensy bit of Sony Vegas. Other than that, we've got the typical web surfing, skype chat streaming/downloading music, videos etc. Nothing too demanding, I feel that the gaming would be the most strenuous. So here's my question: Should I go with the 4 core 640 or would the Phenom be a better choice? Also, you guys can recommended processors that you believe could be another option instead of just these two. Thank you for your replies in advance guys :) Depending on your replies and recommendations, I'll be choosing a new budget motherboard as well. And depending on the motherboard, the ram :)
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    Better this phenom ii x4 955BE $119, I think $19 seem can get better cpu from budget :D
  2. What MB are you using as you may be able to unlock the 555 to a tri or quad core.
  3. Motherboard is actually 100% dependant on the cpu, I'm probably going to opt for an AM3 mobo if I go amd maybe something from gigabyte or asus. See, I would go for the 955BE but I've seen review where the G850 with a price tag of about $100 actually outperforms the 955 BE, but has very little head room for overclocking. How about another question, 955 BE or G850, which would you recommend? If oc'd, it'd be on air :)
  4. Nvm actually, the 955BE are going for 109.99 right now so I'm going with that and hopefully will be able to overclock it to about 3.8 Ghz :) Thanks for the replies you two
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