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Antec 300 Cable management (Rate!)

Hi everyone,

I finished building my computer about a month ago and was seeing if I could do any better with my cable management because I haven't really took the time into making it work WITHOUT modding the case whatsoever. I do have two front intake fans and one on the side. I don't have a graphics card since I have the amd apu a8-3850. Would it be better to put the hard drive on the bottom of the case or on the top? And if anyone else has any suggestions feel free to comment. Thanks!

Here are some pictures:
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  1. Thats a bit better than mine but I have a gtx 260 in it....

    Anyways I wold put the hard drive down a lil so it is in between the 2 front intake fans. It gave me a few degrees lower temp on my GPU and CPU but I have a big graphics card in mine..
  2. Nice job, put the hard drive at the bottom, it will improve air flow, also add a 5670 gpu to your set up when you have the funds as together with your APU they work to give pretty decent gaming capabilities. So how are you finding that APU?
  3. Definitely ill put the hard drive on the bottom of the case to improve that airflow. As for the 5670, I was thinking of putting that in or the 5770 haven't decided yet cause i'm not playing really high in demand games. (grew up with games with shitty graphics, D2, CS, SC) But the APU is amazing!! Plays videos great on 1080p and my computer doesn't come close to getting real hot under load
  4. Well a 6770 would together with your APU would pretty much enable you to play all games at 1080p with decent settings.
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    5770 or 6770 doesn't matter as they are the same thing just rebranded.

    Those temperature readings are wrong, I just wanted to make sure you knew that, there's no way you're near freezing.

    As everyone has said, put the hdd on bottom. I'm not sure what else is in that big bundle of wires near the hdd in the pic but all wires should be tucked in the back. The rear fan wire should go across the top of the case, it'll meet up with the top fan wire. The cpu wire should be long enough to go across the top of the mobo and down the right side of it. Also might want to tie up the cpu fan wire or if you can, turn the fan clockwise so the wire wraps around it.

    A side fan can sometimes make it hotter since it disrupts the airflow from front to rear, you'll have to test it, and also when you get a graphics card.
  6. Thank you for the advice, as for the HW monitor I understand it was wrong because it is under room temperature which is fishy. my CPU temp actually rises to 50-55 degrees celcius when started up in my updated BIOS which is fishy aswell
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