Noob question about CPU 1155 socket pins

Okay everybody.

I got my motherboard in today and I have never seen what the pins of the CPU socket look like before.

I took my motherboard out of the box and my cat decided to be unusually curious and jumped up with one paw landing on the CPU socket cover. :fou:

I opened it up and they all look bent to me, however, I'm not sure if that's how they're supposed to be. :??: It's in two sections, and they're all slanted, one direction for one section and another direction for another section. Other than that, they all look identical in their sections.

Is this how it's supposed to be?

Also, on the ASUS P8P67 Pro (3.1 Rev) Board is the lever supposed to be so stiff? I was worried, but when I opened it up again to check, everything seemed fine. :(

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    The lever is supposed to be stiff. It will also scratch the edge part of your chip that contacts the cover - that is also normal.

    That sounds like what the pins are supposed to look like. The link below is a large image of a motherboard with an lga1155 socket - the image is large enough that you can zoom in.
    The socket in the picture is exactly what mine looks like. If you're unsure, post a photo.

    The cat hair and dander worries me more than the pins. Maybe get some canned air and make sure the socket is clean.

    My cat knocked a stick of ram off the table while I was building my pc. They can be little terrors.
  2. Thank you! It looks like my cpu socket. That's a weight off my shoulders.
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  4. Canned air can be dangerous for use on bare electronics (such as the CPU socket) specially when the electronics heat up (such as the CPU socket). It is corrosive (unless you buy dry air) and can damage your socket in the long run. It's not recommended to even get dust/hair in there, thus you have the socket cover.

    Cats are such a hassle. :(
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