Power supply check please..currently using ultra lsp 650p

I'm upgrading to an i7-2600k sandybridge
asus mobo to match
8gb corsair 2x-4gb
128gb crucial ssd

surviving from old pc that will be incorporated in upgrade will also be,
74gb 10k raptor HD (may or may not run the raptor...not sure if its worth having 3 drives and i dont need a ton of hd space)
320gb wd HD
sony dvd dl burner
have a sound blaster audigy zs2 card that i will probably use as well.

my video card is an evga 9800gtx+ that i just made an impulse buy on fleebay and picked up a matching one to sli them cause i feel its still a pretty good card and i dont do THAT much gaming anymore.

for not alot of gaming i nkow its overkill but i like to upgade every 5+ years.

my concern is now that i purchased a second 9800gtx+ is that my psu may not be able to support it all...

dont OC anything (may use the standard intel turbo boost, if i ever figure that out)

thoughts? i keep reading online the 9800gtx+ want 26a (?) for the 12v rails and the ultra lsp 650 only puts out 38? so if nothing else its seems it would be fine for my system with one card but not two?

would probably go with corsair ax850 if i HAD to upgrade whether i went with two cards or not based on you're recommendations.


heres my problem..i spent 70 on the card plus 185 for the psu potentially if i need a new one...would i have been better off buying a new card and selling mine for 70, and being able to keep using the same psu? could potentially buy a $300 card that i would run just one gpu and stop spending so much money?

if my psu is not enough to run what i will be upgrading to, with just one card...then simply purchasing the PSU i linked above will fix all qualms and i will keep the two 9800gtx+ (although i just realized wow doesnt necessarily support sli..lol)

if my psu will be able to support my upcoming upgrade then i will just stay with what i have an sell back the 9800gtx+ i just purchased on the fleebay.

thanks for reading my long and n00bish post.
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  1. Yesa your choice about corsair AX850 is good. and this psu had rival like xfx850, hx850, and PSU 850w very very enough for Sli/ crossfire high vga
  2. The Corsair AX850 is an excellent PSU that is built by Seasonic and is based of their Seasonic X850. It's an excellent PSU and would be a great PSU if you did get it.

    But the problem is here that most current gen cards will match if not beat a pair of 9800GTX+'s in SLI with better efficiency and heat management. Not to mention a good quality PSU that can support one good GPU can be found in the $50-70 range while a good GPU could be found in the $150-200 range that meets or exceeds your pair.

    My 2 cents.

    My PSU choices usually are Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, XFX with select OCZ and Thermaltake models. There's more PSU's out there but read their reviews from reputable sights like jonnyguru to see if they're good or not.
  3. lilotimz, thanks and i was suspecting as such...based on the research i was seeing on the effeciency of even the cpu im getting!

    I don't want to seem like i'm skimping but it almost seems like i should let the one video card/psu combo transfer over to the new upgrade and when ready upgrade both gpu and psu.

    if you were in my position and not as worried about video cards right now would you still upgrade psu for my impending upgrade or continue running the ultra psu?
  4. If I were in your position then I would still upgrade the PSU depending on what I plan to do. A good psu can last you more than 5 years easily and through multiple rebuilds or replacements of parts that do not perform as good as newer parts. A good psu will be there through the bad times and the good times, while parts such as CPU's, motherboards, gpus etc etc will get replaced as better parts come out.

    So heres how i see it. You potentially have $255 to spend on both GPU and PSU. If that was the case then heres what I would do.

    First i'd grab a reputable, good quality , yet very good power supply such as this XFX Core 550w unit for $70 ($20 rebate)

    Then i use the rest of the money (and more if you save up over time) to acquire a video card such as these
    Nvidia GTX 560 TI (list of GPU's) ($210-240)
    AMD 6870 ($170-200)
  5. thanks...i impulsed bought again and went with the ax850...to me it seems like a smarter buy...(great saddle if you will) that i will feel comfortable running this new investment (upgrade) ...its funny how the psu can be the last thing on our mind...well it willl be this way again soon as i plan to use the ax850...probably sell back the second 9800gtx+ and wait a few months (?) maybe more than upgrade to one quality card.

    thanks for all your help
  6. okie dokie

    You'll love that power supply. =]
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