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This is my first post here and I would have a question to ask you guys.
Me and my friend are building his first custom pc and we are ready to put it together but we don't have a graphics card yet and the motherboard doesn't have a vga or a dvi port so we cant connect it to his monitor, but it has a HDMI port.
My question is: Can I connect the motherboard hdmi slot up with the tv's one and install the os, hdd and download the drivers to the motherboard so the pc will be ready when my friend gets his money for the video card?
I have heard that you have to choose the hdmi to be the output signal from the BIOS which would be impossible as I cant do it without a screen.

The motherboard he chose is a Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 LGA1155
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  1. From my understand of the boards specifications, there is no on-board Video. It seems to be that the HDMI port is proabably a feature of the board to provide an HDMI connection for an expansion video card to use.

    Do you have an old PCI video card laying around?
  2. Yes your plan to use your tv will work fine off of the mother board if you have a CPU with integrated gpu. Then later when you get the discrete GPU Just install it. The board should default to the HDMI with no GPU installed. Once you install a GPU the onboard that becomes the default.

    Of course the z68 mother board does not have an onboard graphics chip. 90% of the core i3 i5 i7s have the gpu built into the CPU.

    Question is what CPU did you get. If you got one of the few that does not have integrated gpu then you will have to wait for your graphics card.
  3. It does have a graphics solution on board. It requires a CPU that supports that solution.
  4. And to answer the last part of your question, no choice has to be made in the Bios if you don't have a discrete video card installed, the on-board one will be used (assuming your CPU supports it)

    The default is usually to use the discrete card when it's available so no BIOS change should be required even when the graphic card is added later on.
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