Two 6870's in Crossfire - GPUZ shows some oddities

Hopefully someone can help me with this,

I just got two Sapphire 6870 cards to run in xfire and set them up, fully uninstalled old drivers, got the latest drivers for the 6870's, etc.

When I launch GPUZ, on the "Graphics Card" tab, this is what it says for the first card:

And the second card:

From what I can see, they appear to be the same.

Now, when I go to the "sensors" tab it's completely different and also reports some odd speeds...

First card:

Second card:

Is the 2nd card running in some sort of stepping mode or something? I'm extremely perplexed. Is this a GPU-Z fault? What's going on here? :??:

And it's reporting my core clock as 300 MHz? Could this be an issue with AMD Overdrive or GPU-Z? This post is all over the place, I know, I'm just very confused by this. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Here's the default afterburner screen (never used this before, sorry if there's a better view that I'm missing).

    I did notice that the temps of the GPU2 are half that of GPU1, which reflects what GPU-Z was displaying as well.
  2. Thanks for 11.4, I'll snag it and give it a go. One thing I should mention is in the Catalyst Control Panel, I can't disable AMD Overdrive, it shows the check box with a check in it, but I can't uncheck it no matter what I do.

    Also, about the temps, put the fan speed to 50% since you posted and the temp of GPU1 has dropped to 52C and GPU2 is at 36C/35C - GPU1 seems to be leveling out around 53/52C - hasn't gotten any lower yet.

    What about the clock speed differences? Is this something to worry about? Thanks for the help so far, really appreciate it.
  3. Running 3, not in eyefinity, just regular extended monitors for work space. Also have a HDTV connected to it that I switch to if I want to play games at 1920x1080 on something a little bigger. I was a little disappointed to find out 3 LCD's hooked to 1 card, and an HDTV hooked to the 2nd via HDMI wouldn't allow for 4 monitors total :(

    Are there any tools or other methods to verify my xfire setup is functioning properly?
  4. Ah makes sense. I tried having the TV or a dif monitor hooked to the 2nd card but it wouldn't show up in the cpanel, they all had to connect to the master card, I figured this was the case but I had to try.

    Only thing I'm weary about now are those different clock speeds on GPUZ's Sensor tab... but as you said it's probably nothing to worry about. Maybe I can get another utility that will verify that both cards are running at the same clock speeds (know of one?)

    Thanks for all the help!
  5. Ah ok cool. Thanks again for all the help, really appreciate it. Time to go test out some games! :D
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