6950 Aftermarket Cooling Solution

I have a Powercolor 6950 reference 2GB card that I flashed to a 6970.
I've been running the fan manually set at 45%, and I'm noticing it makes random loud noises now...almost like a vibrating noise.
I'm also not very happy with the noise at that setting, but I like the low-ish temps.
Anyways, is there an aftermarket solution made for the 6950? Or am I gonna have to look for older ones that might fit?
Link would help largely :)
Also if there's any guides that help me install would be super nice.
I tried searching for guides but I couldn't find anything.
I need a tutor for google.
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  1. You can take cia24 suggestion above...
    But before that, you might want to re-screw your card, see whether the vibration noise is still there or not...
  2. could be a bearing going out on the fan seems to be happening quite a bit lately.
  3. I'm looking at the accelero xtreme plus as my main solution right now. 50 bucks CAD seems pretty reasonable.
    I'm a little unsure of what the "mounting package" is?
    I have to buy it separately? Or does it come with the cooler.
  4. anyone?
  5. Yes you have to buy it seperate that is why that cooler fits almost every card the vr package for your cards has the mounting and little ram sinks in it.
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