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Hi Asus Users,

1) I notice that all four of my 80mm fans are using a 3pin connectors. If connected to the above mobo (4 pins), will the Fan Xpert 2 features work?
2) What is the cpu_opt for? I thought the CPU_Fan is sufficient?
3) I can't find the maximum fan power for the CHA fans. Can anyone advise on this so that I don't buy a fan that exceed the mobo power.
4) Can the Fan Xpert be configured to recognize intake and exhaust fans or that I shouldn't be worried about this at all?

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  1. I have the P8Z77-V mobo, but it should be similar in how the Asus mobos work.

    1. Yes, Fan Xpert 2 will allow you to change the speed (RPM) of the fan based on a percentage (not numerical RPM value).
    2. I'm new to this too. But I think the CPU_OPT fan slot is used if you have another fan for the cooler (2 fans doing push/pull config) w/o having to buy an extra Y-splitter.
    3. You can find that in the spec of your case fans or whatever fan you're buying.
    4. No software can do that for you. When hooking the fan up, check the arrows on the fan to make sure you position it as an intake or exhaust.
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