Looking to upgrade... what should I upgrade?

Hey, my specs are in the description... I'm torn between getting faster RAM and a new mobo, or a new 6950 gpu... Right now, I'm relatively happy with my 5850, it plays almost everything I can throw at it, but I'm not entirely sure whether I should upgrade or not... As for RAM, Wouldn't my Phenom II play better with ddr3 anyway? so wouldn't that be the best bet?
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  1. If you are getting ram and a mobo, you might as well upgrade to a slightly better system, such as i5-2400 and h67? It will be quite an upgrade and the 5850 still holds it's own.
  2. The performance difference between DDR2 and DDR3 is minimal in comparisons to other upgrades you could make.

    Assuming your CPU is not going to cap the performance of the 6950, the GPU update seems like it would be better.

    However I have to ask you; if the 5850 is running largely without issue why bother upgrading? Sounds like you want to upgrade for the sake of it rather out of necessity! :)

    Perhaps consider picking up a shiny SSD if you really want to spend the money?
  3. Do you think the phenom II will bottlecap the 6950?
  4. Definitely not. Crossfire 6950's mayybee, but a single? No way. The 965 is a good processor.
  5. hmm... good point... all I really need is an additional 5 fps in some games like crysis 2 and crysis wars... I could probably get that by ocing the 5850... I think my lag could be caused by my cpu in crysis wars seeing as my gpu is only going at 60% load... that sound right?
  6. The 965 is a good CPU, I highly doubt it's bottlenecking. What's your res?
  7. 1600x900
  8. At 1600x900, It could be bottlenecking a bit. I think it's the GPU though, as most of the time a processor will not bottleneck unless it's old/slow. You have it OCed even.... Try testing to check if the 5850 bottlenecking by turning up the anti aliasing and details but keeping the res low ingame.
  9. It's awful, I can play in a server with no people and draw perfectly playable fps! 40+ but whenever there are players it gets continuously worse!
  10. Sounds to me like a GPU issue.... Instead of going single 6950, have you considered Xfire 5850's? They currently have one out that's $150.... It would be a cheap upgrade that will last you another few years.
  11. like faulty gpu? or just not enough power? and Wow... that cheap? I might get one now! what about selling my current 5850 and xfiring 6870s? wouldnt that be more power? (since the 6870s are better at xfire...)
  12. Yup! Here's the link to the 5850: http://www.amazon.com/Sapphire-Radeon-PCI-Express-Graphics-100282XTREME/dp/B004W75ATI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1305942613&sr=8-2
    Also, here's a benchy of 6870 vs 5850 Xfire. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/303?vs=301
    6870 only has about a 3-8 fps gain, but it would be much more expensive. I suggest adding a 5850 personally.
    Here's a benchy of single 5850 vs crossfire: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/303?vs=295 As you can see, the crossfire setup SMOKES a single card. My opinion? 5850 CFX is the best way to go.
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