Would GTX460 SLI run on Asus AMD M4N98TD nForce 980a motherboard

HI, im building a new gaming pc with the Point Of view GTX 460 in SLI with the Asus AMD M4N98TD EVO.
with a Aerocool e78-730 would this PSU be enough?

Ive heard of the MemOK! that start on every cold boot or something like that. but thats only with the EVGA GTX 460. are there any one with the point of view GTX 460 on the AMD M4N98TD EVO.

tanx and sorry for the bad english
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  1. Do you already tried use both of card individually?

    Your board is seems okay.

    But I doubt about your PSU quality. How much was this PSU?

    Do you have friends or someone with better PSU (trusted brand)?
  2. i did not yet buy the board, i have one GTX 460 now, in my intel pc. but i want to know if the Point of view GTX 460 would work with the Asus AMD M4N98TD EVO, cuz there are people having problems with the EVGA GTX 460 on the Asus AMD M4N98TD EVO

    yes, i do have a friend with better psu. but the aerocool is not that bad though
  3. in rand, im from south africa it is R522 thats about 75$
  4. You can read the reviews on the link that I linked above, there's people who confirm that dual GTX460 are runs without problem with the board.
    Fot $75, I think that's a decent price for your PSU, okay you can try use that PSU.
  5. okay good, tanx for your help. bad luck for the EVGA customers
  6. And read carefully about the MemOK! thing, i read that there's so many people complaining about that...
  7. yep. it sound like i wil have no problem, hopefully. but i will query some more
  8. JFYI, we don't judge a power supply by it's price.
    You could buy a 100$ crap power supply ...
    I never heard of that brand and whatever the price he paid for it, it may damage your component.

    I've seen some 600 watts power supply going for 20$.
    I could slap on custom sticker and go to south africa sell it 75$ ...
  9. The Aerocool PSU aint bad, its a known brand. i dont belive it will damage my pc. the only worry i have is if the Point of View GTX 460 will work on the Asus AMD M4N98TD nForce 980a motherboard, since the EVGA GTX 460 give errors on the MemOK! function..
  10. It is not because you know the brand that it is a known brand.
    If you feel safe with it, fine.
    I wouldnt...

    What is your cpu anyways ?
  11. AMD Phenom II X4 945
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