First time build, computer will not turn on.

This is my first time building a computer after many years depending my friends to build one for me. After installing all of the parts I plugged in all the cables and checked every one of them soon after to see if they are all securely connected. Once done, I decided all I had to do now was press the power button and all I would be rewarded for the work I put into building it. Instead, my computer did not power on. What's odd is that all my external hard drives that are hooked into the computer are on and a red led indicator from my computer case that tells me that my power supply is in fact feeding into my computer is on, yet when I press the power button my computer fails to power.

Since I am currently taking classes over at my campus I'll try detaching every compponent and reattaching them later today. If that does not help I will try removing and switching my memory sticks into different slots. If that fails to work as well I will try detaching my graphics card from my computer and see how it goes.

I'll keep you guys updated later in the day but until then can anyone suggest me other reasons why this may be happening?

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  1. There could be several reasons. To name a few:

    1. Short circuit between on or more components and mobo
    2. Short between mobo and case
    3. Bad PSU
    4. Bad CPU
    5. Bad mobo

    The possibilities are actually kind of high. You should be able to narrow down the problematic part(s) by working through our troubleshooting guide. Just click on the link in my signature.
  2. I remember having that experience at my first build as well. My problem was the cables from the tower (power and reset) had been connected to the wrong pins on the motherboard.
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