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im not a hardcore i thought it was enough for a 1600x900 res..i brought a lg e2041t..i fixed all the parts of the monitor but the monitor is shaking a lot horizontally when i type words and my monitor is light weight ..the monitor screen is not shaking ,the monitor itself shaking this monitor is really like this or i should replace sure that i fixed it correctly ..
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  1. So... the monitor is physically moving when you type?
    Strange issue..
  2. its not moving its monitor is very light less weight..even it cant withstand a normal vibration its shaking
  3. Maybe the monitor is too wide for the base. Mine shakes alittle when I ht the table but I'm worried about it.
  4. is there any way for it ..for u the monitor is shaking if u hit the table but for me if my mouse hits the keyboard the monitor is shaking ..and even when im typing
  5. I believe it's a weakness of the monitor design. Maybe either use a thicker table or separate surfaces, like a sliding keyboard, could help.
  6. Yeah... there isn't a lot we can do about a cheap monitor.
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