CS5 Build for $800

I am building a CS5 rig for Photoshop and Illustrator work.

Budget: Less than $800

No gaming or video editing.
Target of 3 years service life.

My initial guess at hardware is below:

My only real concern about that build is that the power supply could be the weak point.
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  1. Thats a very limiting package for CS5.

    The 32 bit operating system particularly will be a problem since CS5 is 64 bit capable and the 32 bit OS will limit available RAM to about 3 gig NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU INSTALL .

    The X6 is pretty reasonable , but you will be better off with a build like

    Intel 2400 and H67 mb
    2500K and P67/ z68 mb

    8 gig of RAM [ or more ]
    Samsung F3 hard drives . Id set up two 1 terabyte drives in RAID 1 for data security
    Antec Sonata 3 case with included 500 watt psu . Nice and quiet and decent enough cooling

    and then look at graphics cards. Both ATI and nVidia offer software for using the gfx processor to support image manipulation . nVidia's is the more established , but I doubt either works as well as spending more on a better cpu .. esp the Intel which is highly optimized for multimedia applications
    If you went with the H67 board I wouldnt use a graphics card at all since the onboard will be fine
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