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Motherboard upgrade from a Asus Striker II Extreme

Hey everyone,

My current computer setup is a
Q9650 Quad 3.0ghz
8gb of ddr3 1333mhz corsair dominator
Asus Striker II Extreme Mobo
NVidia GTX 570

My main question is that I am currently looking to make the jump to 16 gigs of ram. Therefore, I need to upgrade my motherboard. I wish to keep my current processor though. Does anyone have any suggestions for upgrading my motherboard to be the most compatable with my Q9650 (with the likelihood of overclocking)? I greatly appreciate anyones advice and time. Thank you.
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  1. bump. I would really appreciate any advice on this.
  2. Just out of curiosity... Why are you looking for 16Gb of RAM?

    I ask because even the best LGA 775 MB made (Asus Rampage Extreme) still only supports 8GB.

    And there are almost no programs that most people use that would get anywhere close to using 8GB.

    If you are looking to speed up your system, I would look more for a SSD than more RAM.
  3. I was looking for more ram to try to improve my streaming capabilities for video games.
  4. Video games *rarely* use more than 3GB.

    BF3 at 1920 x 1080 on Ultra settings in windows 7 addresses a total of 3.36GB for me. More than 8GB is going to make absolutely no difference.

    Either a new CPU/MB or an SSD are your best bets right now, your GPU is good.
  5. You misread a little itzdaniel. I never doubted my GPU settings. I asked from the very beginning about my motherboard so I can upgrade my ram for STREAMING of the video games. My CPU can be overclocked higher, so thats why I'm asking about some of the newer motherboards compatability with that processor.
  6. If you already have 8GB in there, that is not your bottleneck. Going from 8 to 16GB will not be noticeable.
  7. Right. However, it doesn't change the fact that I wish to upgrade my motherboard and I was asking for advice on ones that might be more compatible with my current processor and for overclocking.
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    Theres not many motherboards left on the market to support that processor , as an owner of the same motherboard as you I'm afraid it was one of the fastest on the market at the time.
    My suggestion is to change your current ram to something faster than 1333mhz at least 1600mhz will lower timings to notice a difference
    With the right memory choice and experience the Striker II extreme overclocks ram very well.
    You should also consider overclocking your Q9650, you will notice a huge difference from the standard clock of 3ghz.
    I'm running mine at 3.8ghz as I found it to be stable with BF3.
    If I dont run BF3 I can overclock mine to 4Ghz stable.
    This would be a better option than looking for another motherboard to replace the Striker II extreme, as I don't believe there are any motherboards available with that chipset that support 16gbs of ram anymore.
    Adding an SSD can also give you a good performance boost to an ageing system.
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