I need to identify a graphics card?

I need to identify a ATI graphics card, it has a white label on it with a P/N 10278207700 044823, also on the white label is R128P ULTRA SD32M. Is it a powerful graphics card and what type of motherboard can i use it on.

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  1. I believe that would be a ATI Rage 128 PRo Ultra PCI video card with 32MB SDRAM - Judging from the second serial you listed R128P ULTRA SD32M

    It is a very old PCI video card and would not be very useful for anything but simple internet browsing etc. or for use as a backup card if a system lost its video card so that the system could still be used while awaiting a new card. They were good cards back when they were released but that was when the PII and PIII systems were being used !!
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