I recently bought a msi gtx 460 cyclone to replace my old 8800gt. It worked fine for the first few days, but I have been getting a lot of Nv4_disp.dll bsod lately when I'm playing games. About once every hour to hour and half. I did a clean install of windows and the latest nvidia drivers, that did not help. I tried to roll back to older versions of the drivers, that did not work either.

I ran the furmark benchmark and burn-in test. Everything seems to be fine. The temperatures are ~25 degrees idle and 65 degrees under load. I have a XFX 750w black edition psu, i doubt that is the problem.

Any ideas?
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  1. What brand of GTX 460 did you buy?
  2. msi cyclone edition
  3. Chances are the power vrm is overheated as the air flow from the cooler is never really enough to keep the whole card stable. Return it or mod. What I am suggesting by modding your card is to use three ramsinks to cool the mosfet stages at the rear of the card.
  4. why wouldn't furmark crash the drivers?
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