Cooler Master Storm Scout - Fan problems.. Plz help!


I just built an i5 system with the following parts... But for some reason two of the three case fans are not working.. Windows is working fine. Everything boots up and recognizes... But can't seem to find why the fans are not working.. Only the back fan and the CPU fans are working, not the top or the front fans. Maybe it is not supposed to work until the temperature reaches certain degrees? Thank you very much...


Motherboard [$160] -

Processor (i5 Sandy Bridge 2500k) + Memory (G-Skills) combo [$297] -

PSU [$140] -
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  1. Double check the wiring. I suspect either two things:

    1. The fans aren't connected properly (some people make the mistake of connecting fans to each other); or
    2. The wire harness is damaged.

    A distant third theory would be that both fans are DOA, but unlikely.
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