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Okay, long story short, I downloaded The Witcher 2 and found out that it's kind of rapeing my system. I could run everything from last year with no problems but this years games are a different story.
Here's my system;

CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme Qx9650
GPU: GeForce 260 GTX
RAM: 4GB of DDR2 @ 400mhz
MOBO: Asus P5K-E
PSU: 750W
Resolution: 1360X768 but that might change

Basically my question is; What should I do? What will give me the biggest performance boost for gaming (thats all I do with my computer)? Should I put another 4GB of RAM and a better GFX card? Or should I upgrade my CPU,MOBO,and RAM?

I'm only looking to spend about $500USD (maybe a little more, it just depends)
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I think you'd benefit more from a better GPU. The 4GB of RAM should be ok, but that depends on its quality. Go with a 460 or better, that should handle most games adequately.
  2. Get a new GPU and u should be good.
    Look at HD6950, HD6970 and GTX 570
  3. I think you're right infact. I believe it is 800MHZ it just didnt add the second lane, I was just going off of what CPU-Z said.
    So I guess it's general concensus to go with a better GFX card?
  4. Yeah, I have the fastest quad core for the 775 socket (at least from what i've been told) which is clocked at 3.00ghz. I hear it's a good processor for overclock but I just don't know how to unfortunately.
    I think I will double the RAM (couldnt hurt) and pump some steroids into my GFX card and buy a better monitor. There, Problem solved. :)
    Thanks guys!
  5. Just to let you know, you put DDR2 @ 400Mh if that is your bclk Freq.. That is correct, You could have put DDR2-1600. If bclk is 200 then DDR2-800 would be correct.

    I have 775 with the clock set to 400. 400 x 2 (DDR which clocks on both leading and lagging edge) = 800 x 2 for the -2 = 1600 FSB
  6. I would go for a 6850. Cheap, and your PSU and MB supports Crossfire (albeit at a slower rate) so you can always get another one!
  7. Dual 6850's are roughly the same price of a 570, which do you think would be a better buy for me? I know dual V-cards give more horsepower under the hood but you said the X-fire runs slower on my Mobo.
  8. If u r going to upgrade ur computer soon (apart from this GPU upgrade) and 'd like to reuse the GPU get a 6950 or above. (In case u upgrade ur monitor etc).

    If u dont plan on upgrading anytime soon u should be fine with a 5850 / 6850 for ur current res.
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