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Hi guys I'm finding parts for my new build, and I was wondering what a good motherboard for an Intel i5 2500k processor would be. I will be gaming on it and would be happy if it was under $200. I was thinking about the ASrock z68 pro3 gen3.
Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. I'm happy as can be with my p8z68 pro gen 3 from asus, which I believe owns asrock. I haven't owned another lga1155 so I can't compare but its met all of my expectations and then some.
  2. get the asrock or the one im using= a Gigabyte Z68-A-D3H-B3. i built 5 builds with this mobo for my company and it is the best. no problems. and the reviews are amazing on newegg and google website!
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