Not able to use discrete graphics

I have an ASUS P5QPL-AM mobo with a G41 chipset and Integrated Graphics. I want to use my old Gigabyte GeForce 8800GT with it.

The problem is (I feel) that the mobo is unable to initialize the GPU. I know I am matching the power ratings the GPU requires and the fan spins, so I know its active and powered. The display shows a blank when I connect it via the GPU but not with the integrated graphics.

The motherboard shows the following options under Advanced > Chipset > Northbridge > "Initiate Graphics Adapter" and the options listed therein are [IGD], [IGD+PEG dual], [PCI/IGD], [PCI/PEG], [PEG/IGD] and lastly [PEG/PCI] but none of them seem to disable the integrated grpahics and route the display through the GPU. There is another entry called "IGD Graphics Mode Select" which has the options [Disable], [Enabled, 32MB], [Enabled, 64MB] and [Enabled, 128MB].

As far as my logic works, I should keep the onboard graphics memory enabled and choose PEG/IGD as the display adapter option, which I think means try to use the PCI-E graphics first and in case it doesn't work, fall back upon the onboard graphics. Disabling the onboard graphics memory leads to a totally blank display as the GPU is also unable to display anything, and I have to reset the BIOS by removing its battery to bring the default settings so that I can go back into the BIOS.

If there is something I'm overlooking or I've made some mistake, please advise.
Thank you.
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  1. Did you plug in the secondary power plugs into the video card?

    If the 8800 is in, can you use the intergrated to get a screen? If yes, look in Device Manager and see if Windows even sees that the card is in. If not, next step would be to try the card in another computer.

    I was able to use an 8800 on a 5 or 6 yr old P4 system, so I doubt the G41 motherboard has issues with the card.
  2. Yes, I did plug in the 6pin PCI-E connector. On my old mobo that went kaput, a Gigabyte GA-X38-DS5, it would initialize the display without external power, but that board did not have onboard graphics, so such a problem has little chance of occurring, but I can't figure out the case here. I have already tried another AMD based board to test the GPU, and it works there, so no issues with the GPU.

    I cannot even use the GPU to get the screen. :(
  3. BIOS update for the motherboard? If possible test another video card in the PCIe slot, the ASUS slot may be bad.

    You may need to work with ASUS on this, looks like you already went through several trouble-shooting steps, and getting it narrowed down pretty well to a board issue.
  4. I'll update the BIOS and get back. Thnx.
  5. just a few days a ago, i experiencing the same problem as you did. i hv asus motherboard with intergrated graphic. when i first assemble them with nVidia GTX 460, it was running well without any problems at all.

    but juz 3 days earlier, i intend to clean my cpu cooler, any fans that include in my casing including the graphic card itself. so im deattached them so it would be easier for me to clean all dust in the fans. but when all clean up and assemble them all back into place boot up then suddenly it goes blank, but audio and my win7 ultimate running great, it juz that my graphics card does not produce any output (i think)

    it was all mess up. when using the intergrated graphic, it will display but not with the graphic card.
    but thanks to God, i juz resetting all the jumper on the mobo, then set it back in place, then all went well again.

    Now i can continue gaming as usual:-)

    I hope my method might help;-)
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