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What z77 mobo is the best under $160

So im looking at the Asus p8z77v-lk and its like 154 dollars on i am wondering what is the BEST z77 mobo cheaper or close price to my asus. my previous mobo on my old build was a gigabayte z68-a-d3h-b3 but i wanna try asus because when i started building computer i thought that asus was at the top..

Budget: under $160

Canada wesbite please: Newegg,directcanada,tigerdirect, etc!
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    I am looking at that mobo too. But for under 160, I would say the asrock line is looking really solid, my favorite is the asrock z77 extreme 4 for $134. I think it is the best, but I do not know how it is compared to the asus z77 v-lk. The specs seem very similar, but I know Asus tends to be a very strong mobo.

    edit: sorry, just looked at the canadian price and it is priced high for some reason. But if you can't get it cheaper, the Asus v-lk is a great choice
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