E-machine T2893 will not power up, does not seem to be the power supply, have a

my e machine T2893 will not power up have removed everything and starter with bare board, still no power. Have tested the power supply and it works, do you think I'm looking nat the power switch or the motherboard
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  1. we'll what I can tell you, if the supply works, your motherboard has a grounding issue, make sure allllll the bolts / screws are in tightly and touching the metal, sounds crazy but if your like me, and have a 299 dollars worth power supply lol.. thinks like that you might decide to take more problems looking into it

    but your best bet is to screw it in, all of them don't half it, ALL, once you do that, theres a plate that comes to replace the OEM case one , the silver piece in the back where your stuff is all pluged in, make sure that touches the case and the motherboard, just bend back the little pieces on it to get it all set and oriented, it should never be hard to put the motherboard on it....

    but thats all I can give you, also make sure your power SW is in the right slot, as thats a common problem, also flip that over like turn it around so the words face you or face down in the case and see if that works.. and go from there just post back to say if its a no go , or go. :)
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