Antec 900 ground wires?

So I busted out my old Antec 900 case to build my father a new computer. I plugged everything in believing the white lines to be ground wires when I plugged in the MOBO. My Dads MOBO fried. Are the white colored lines from the front panel switches(power,HDD,Reset) grounds as I believe or are they the hot lines? I can't seem to find an answer on goolgle so here I am asking what I feel to be a dumb question. My brother is playing Devils Advocate and saying the white colored lines are positive..That doesnt seem right to me, but I am sure some of you have this case with something installed into it. It has been a year and a half since I last used this case, and can't truly recall which end is positive, though I believe I am right.
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  1. The power and reset buttons are momentary push buttons and as such are not polarity sensitive. The LEDs are polarity sensitive and the polarity would be indicated on the end of their connector, but plugging them in backwards wont hurt anything, they just wont glow. If the motherboard fried you did something wrong, and it had nothing to do with the front panel connectors.
  2. the only thing I had connected really was or would be the fans which all worked..What your saying basically is that the MOBO just fried because old age and not cable connections being backwards? The chip specifacally that frid was shortly above the 24 pin MOBO connector( and that only plugs in One way).
  3. I have found that white's are negative lines. Thanx for the help.
  4. No, Wrong. The Black Blue and Purple lines are Grounds, The White are Strictly Positive Feeds.
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    I am on vacation so I am away from my 3 Antec 900 cases. But I seem to remember that the white wires of each pair are the negative.

    You have 3 pairs of wires - the LED fans serve as the power indicator. The two switches are non-polarized. It will not matter how they are connected to the motherboard.

    The drive LED white wire should go to the "-" terminal. If the drive LED does not illuminate, simply reverse the wires. Connecting them backwards will not cause any damage. It simply will not illuminate.

    Another note: the 900 does not come with a system (case) speaker.
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