Slow youtube watching but fast downloading from it

Hello i have one weird problem i have 512kbps ul plan but i don't know why i am continuous getting more than 200 KBps downloading speed from long time by this i can say 2 things
1. i am lucky
2. 200 Kbps= 2mbps plan approx

but whenever i tried to watch direct movies from youtube i got slow speed like 50-60 KBps but as i start download that same video from idm i got again 200 KBps speed.

whats the matter :o due to this i have to wait alot on watching movie directly.

any idea? :bounce: can i solve this? :pt1cable:

sorry for smiley's this for my little bro :whistle:
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  1. Bottleneck is the video element, presumably.
  2. hhmm but this happens to all browsers i have(opera, firefox i.e.8) but not in torrent clients run fine as well...
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