AM2 processor in an AM2 board

Hello So I'm looking at buying the AMD athlonX2 7850 black edition AM2+. So obviously that is an AM2+ processor. Will this one work with an AM2 socket? I've been looking around and i've noticed that people are saying some AM2+ cpus aren't supported by AM2 mobos. So I just want to clarify. Thanks!
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  1. Google your mobo model followed by the words cpu list, you should find it easy enough, or it may still be on the mobo manufacturers website
  2. Yes it should, however, install the latest bios and check out the wattage of the mobo and cpu. The am2 mobo will not be able to use hyperthreading and may not let your cpu be as speedy as it could be if you are going to o.c. You should up grade the mobo to AM2+ to get the most out of the cpu. You could then even pick up a cheap triple core am3 cpu for a few dollars more than the 7850. AM2+ and AM3 cpus are backwards compatible with older am2/am2+ boards but will work at the speed of the board and without all of the features that are supported by newer boards. The older cpus will not work on am3 boards though.
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