Dragon Age 2 upgrade questions

I have a question regarding the recent release of Dragon Age 2. According to many threads around various sites there are many people complaining about the Direct X 11 performance issues (hopefully bad coding support by Bioware, not user hardware related)!

I plan to upgrade a few things in my system to accommodate my new 1920x1080 24" monitor, seeing as my Dragon Age/Dragon age 2 performance is sketchy on max settings, at best.

Current System
- 450W thermaltake black widow psu
- 4GB Gskill 4x1GB DDR2 Ram
- EVGA 9800GTX+ (stock settings)
- Phenom II x2 550 3.2GHz stock (overclocked at 3.7GHz currently)
-Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P Mobo

I would like to upgrade my psu (currently 450w) / cpu / gpu not just for DA:2, but just cuz.

What PSU wattage would be needed in order for the following upgrades, and with these upgrades below, will i be able to max everything out 1080p smooth as butta ? :)

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition
Radeon HD 6870
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  1. I would recommend at least a 6-700 watt or higher power supply with a nice amount of amperage.

    Something like this should suffice you:

  2. If it's mostly for gaming, I would actually suggest the Phenom II X4 965 because for whatever reason the X6 performs worse for most games. But, it won't be a big difference and the X6 shows nice gains in other areas.

    600W would be a good amount, I agree, although to be honest even a 500W would be "sufficient". However, it would rule out crossfire so I'd go with 600W+.

    The 6870 will not play the game maxed out at 1080p. But it is a good card so it'll do well. DA2 runs at around 50fps for me with two OCed 5850s, all settings max.
  3. lol vtec

    Wolf's right. If you're looking to max out settings (I tend to answer only the questions given to me, and never read into people's setups), then a 6870 might not be enough.
  4. Just another power supply suggestion:
    So far, it's been rock solid for me. And it's modular. :D
  5. thank you all a lot for the suggestions, your answers are much appreciated :)

    I think i'll go with the antec BP550 Plus 550W for $65, it seems rock solid.

    What I'm still confused about is the graphics card I should get in order to max out DA:2 and Skyrim (in the near future) at 1080p with DX11??? I was reading that the radeon 6850 would be able to do that but not too sure now from what some of you said :(

    any suggestions on vid cards? Oh and I guess i'll upgrade to the phenom ii x4 965 BE from my current phenom ii x2 550 BE
  6. mine is one of the unfortunate x2's that wont unlock :/, checked many a time
  7. If you want to max it out at 1080p you'll need at least a 570/580 or 6970, or else CF 6870/SLI 560.
  8. GTX 460/HD 6850/70 - all will handle Dragon Age 2 and most of other games @ 1080p
  9. Get a GTX 560Ti or a Radeon 6950. My 2c. Get atleast a 500 watt PSU, Corsair, Antec or even OCZ.
  10. I'm actually playing DA2 right now on a 470gtx w an old core2duo 3.4ghz on high settings and its pretty smooth.
  11. ct1615's power graph is a bit misleading, furmark doesn't put any load on cpu, so you might wanna add like 100w on top of that for worst case scenario.
  12. you missed the little bit 'worst case scenario'.
    learn to read


    furmark 280W
    furmark + prime95 370W

    guess you're just stoopid
  13. maybe you should find out what different tests actually test...
  14. No offense guys..., how about some holy water?
  15. Pointless argument, guys. Just chill. OP: Choose a best answer so this thread can get locked lol.
  16. ct1615 said:
    so you basically you took what i proved about you (not understanding tests) and repeated it? very clever...you learn that in second grade?

    ironic eh?
  17. ct1615 said:
    no, more stupid but hey it does fit you to a T

    obviously you somehow missed the table i posted, so here it is again

    if furmark is so awesome then how come prime95 adds another 90W on top of it? Explain that if you know it all, smartpants.
  18. ct1615 said:
    gaming won't approach that figure, 3D mark wont, furmark alone won't, and prime 95 alone won't..but hey two stress tests at once will :lol:

    but if you use your rig as i do, it will be close when you do actually play some games. Running BOINC on the cpu will max it out, but wont interfere with gaming since it runs at the lowest priority and there are GPGPU-projects as well in BOINC to put some load on the gpu. (You know, helping cure diseases, searching for pulsars, looking for ET, that sort of stuff) And remember I said 'the worst case scenario' lol

    yeah yeah i know most ppl wont max out their stuff
  19. ct1615 said:
    by the way you edited your post at 9:31am (oh yeah Tom's keeps track of that ;) ) I already had two replies up so why would i go back and read your edited posts? like changing your incorrect answers to make you look like you know what you are talking about is going to trick me? :lol:

    i opened it up for edit right after i posted it, took me some time to find the article (searched the wrong site first), didn't refresh before posting it, yeah yeah noob error :ange:
  20. I didn't really say anything about the psu size, only referred to the worst case power consumption figures. :P
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