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Hello, I need to upgrade my PSU and the Video card. I use it for photo editing and and text, with some Youtube type videos, and the usual web browsing. Would like to spend as little as possible, as I am retired and on a fixed income.
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  1. ct1615 said:
    this is a dimension e530 or inspiron 530?

    a simple video card like the ATI 3450 or 4350 (same card) will handle HD video, photoshop, video streaming with no problem. you don't even need to upgrade your PSU. it sells for around $30 on newegg


    inspiron 530
  2. hd 4650 for about 45 on newegg
    is a stronger card
    also cheaper on Ebay

    I bought one myself.
    Very low power draw-great performance for multimedia and light gaming (top choice for under $50 on Toms Video Cards Value guide

    the one on ebay is 34.95 with free shipping continental US
    return policy is not as good as Newegg
    Much stronger than 4350 and works well on my Dell 280w PSU
  3. ct1615 said:
    it may be better but he would not see any difference between the two in photoshop or youtube, but thanks for posting "buy the card I own even if it costs you more"..then again you do push religion on here too

    that was kind of harsh
    I didnt violate any of toms rules but
    i will remove my avatar and quote since that is offending
    my apologies
    in my country we have freedom of religion and since
    i respect all religions that is why I quoted any faith is
    better than no faith
    though if you are an agnostic or atheist you
    also have that right too.
    I dont judge.

    Now as far as the card goes since the OP can get
    a better card for the SAME MONEY
    then why would they go for the inferior card?
    the hd 4650 is the same price as the 4350

    Also if you had a problem with me
    why didnt you PM me instead of
    making it public?
    I didnt mean to offend and if you would
    have stated that it did I would gladly remove
    I dont know why you had to get personal.
  4. it didnt have anything to do with me
    owning the card
    it is the better deal for the same money
    35 one ebay with free shipping
    while the 4350 is $30 with a few dollars shipping
    so for the same money which
    card would you buy?
  5. BTW I dont think the HD4650 is the "coolest thing to own since I own one"
    I am saving up for a HD5670 myself personally since I am on a tight budget
    I had to go with the HD4650
    I have a slimline case with a 280w Dell PSU and those are the best choices.
    But what do I know.
    Oh wait I know that the 4650 is the same money and better card

    BTW I just changed my picture and quote line.
  6. Do you have a quad core or a dual core 530? The former has a larger power supply, I don't know if it has a separate PCIe power connector, though. If you do have a separate power connector, you have more options. But for your purposes, you really don't need a card that would require a PSU transplant in any event.

    I don't know if they're still being sold at deep discounts but if so, look at the Nvidia GT240 with DDR5 memory (but not the slower DDR2 or DDR3 versions). I use one on an Inspiron 530 with a stock 300W PSU power supply and it works well. I don't know what sale prices are like these days, I paid $40 after a mail-in rebate. Newegg's discounts are random and change often, but they can be excellent if you're willing to watch, wait and pounce on a good deal when it shows up. The GT240 still rates very well in the current graphics card ratings among cards that don't require a separate power connector. 6 months ago, it was basically the fastest card card available that didn't have a separate power connector.
  7. ^+1 decent choice although some customer reviews complained of bad driver problems
    on Newegg
    it is here on TigerDirect for 34.99
    I think it is a stronger card than the HD4650 though I would have to check
    the Chart to see how it matches up.
  8. that is the ddr3 GT240 version I linked and it does blow the
    HD 4650 DDR2 away on Toms Chart
    for 34.99 it is a good deal.
    and probably they they have upgraded the drivers since
    the reviewers on Newegg posted.

    Of course you are pushing a card you own
    though it is way better than a HD4350 or HD4650
    and you use it in the same model computer
    as the Original Poster so you have
    personal experience
    Hmm personal experience with same card and same computer
    I guess that is a good thing? <sarcasm>
  9. Cool it fellas.

    If there is disagreement over another issue besides tech, take it to PM and work it out there.
  10. ^ Agreed and understood
    CT1615 never should have made that comment to start this
    The argument was about which was the better video card for the money
    not personal religious beliefs which CT1615 started unprovoked.
    I even commented that s/he should have PMd me and not
    made this a public issue
    I didnt start this
    CT1615 made it personal with a personal comment while
    I kept it about tech.
    If I have ever offended anyone on Toms with my religous beliefs
    I apologize even though plenty of members offend me
    with Satanic symbols I dont COMMENT about them.
  11. BTW Old Geek 41 go for the GT 240 on Tiger Direct if TD is available to you
    That is a great price for that card
    Also the HD4650 would be second choice at same price on Ebay US
    and the 4350 would also work but not as good a card as the other two
    though if you can find it cheaper than $30 USD then it would best
    for budget
    Over 30 go for GT 240 or HD 4650
    Sorry for the drama in your thread
  12. FYI, if you do have a quad-core 530, it should have a 350W PSU with a 6 pin PCIE power connector.
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