Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H motherboard: weird experience/shrinkwrapped?

I just picked up the UD5H at Canada Computers and I had a weird experience. The cashier called someone from the back who came up to the register and he said something about checking the pins and then he opened up the box, removed the antistatic bag, and took out the board. He lifted the CPU clamps, took off the socket cover and inspected the pins to see if any were bent, then showed it to me as if he was proving to me that nothing was wrong with it. I sort of went with the flow and now regret it, I should have asked more questions. I'm getting the idea it could have been an opened package and wondered if anyone can confirm whether the box should come in shrinkwrap or not? Mine wasn't wrapped. I got a look at the tape on the antistatic bag before he opened it and it looked untouched, I'm not sure what to think. It was just a really weird thing, has that happened to anyone else before? Were they just trying to cover their asses so I couldn't claim it was damaged? Thanks.
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  1. That would fall under the "weird" classification in my book. I imagine it is because of RMA requests for bent pins (whether that specific motherboard or all Intel boards I couldn't guess) but I have to agree, it's weird.
    As far as the packaging an anti-static bag is normal - sealed with a single strip of tape (not all boards but many are packaged that way)
  2. I didn't have a problem with the antistatic bag, it looked unopened from what I could tell. I asked on another forum and was told the box doesn't come shrinkwrapped. Man, I can't believe he just opened it without even asking, he already had it open before I knew what was going on. I'm going to assume it was unused and try to forget about it, just kind of mad at myself for not really saying anything. I asked what he was checking for, he said bent pins, and I let him carry on without really giving it a good look myself.
  3. not sure about how gigabyte sells their motherboards, but when i got my biostar one a week and a half ago, there was no shrink wrap, but i did have the anti static bag, the boxes are similar to what you would get if you bought a console system, the special sliding flap on the side.
  4. Someone on another forum said when he took the socket cover off his UD5H that there were bent pins and some black plastic inside. Maybe there is a known issue.
  5. My box was shrink wrapped when it arrived from Newegg.
  6. The board turned out fine. I believe it was unused and he was actually just looking for bent pins like he said, either for my sake or his. Would have been nice if he actually took the time to explain that though and ask would I mind if he checked, instead of opening up the product I just paid for without asking. And turned out fine in the end.
  7. Wrong thread reply : )
  8. What do you want a picture of?
  9. MOBO imo there's no need to worry but it's like suspecting
  10. If you not getting out of it your mind just call up and tell what happend if they agree might possible they'll give you new mobo
  11. dwatson102 said:
    My box was shrink wrapped when it arrived from Newegg.

    As was mine.
  12. I bought mine from newegg and it came in an antistatic bag, and then inside of a box, which had shrinkwrap on it. Probably open box or something?
  13. I bought mine also from Newegg, and feel that it was a bad board, I did not look that close to the cpu socket , but was careful about setting cpu in socket, and only used the stock cooler, when trying it for the first time it whould come up with error 51. Called Gigabyte the tech had me remove all but one mem in Ch A Slot , then it whould work , but if i tryed other mem in Ch B it whould not work, so i returned to Newegg, they get it and checked it. First response when i called said the Paste was in the Socket, then talkeing to Manager said the pins were damaged, I feedl the board was bad from the start Reading other post from Newegg and other sites shows a lot of other people haviing the same problem...
  14. can I put on this motherboard cooler master 212 plus with G.SKILL 16GB (4 x 4GB) Ripjaws X Series DDR3 1600MHz 240-Pin
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