Can't get GTX 570 + GTS 250 (dedicated Physx) to run Stable

Guys, i really need help with this. I recently bought a GTX 570 to replace my GTS 250 512 MB. The problem is that I can't get the GTX 570 to run with the GTS 250 as a dedicated Physx card. Till now I have tried the 263.09 and the 266.58 WHQL drivers and the setup is relatively stable on 263.09 rather than 266.58, though my PC does crash after 10 min or so, unlike when using just the GTX 570. My PC DOESN'T CRASH AT ALL on using just the GTX 570 OR GTS 250 (I ran intel burn test, MSI Kombustor, Metro 2033 maxed out, Crysis 8x AA and Very high).

My specs are :
Q9550 2.83 Ghz stock
MSI P7N2 ( Nvidia 790i Ultra SLI)
Corsair dominator 1600 Mhz Cas 8
Coolermaster SLI certified Real power pro 850 watt
Adequate cooling, ambient temps are 20 C
Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio

Out of desperation I even tried to connect the cards by SLI bridge, that did seem to help a little bit. I even reseated the GTS 250 in the remaining x16 and x8 (lanes) slots and seating it in the x8 lane slot seems to add to stability. I am not interested in selling the GTS 250 and want to use it as a physx card.

SO, How do I get the GTX 570 + GTS 250 (dedicated Physx) to be completely stable ????

I hope someone will com through :) , apologies for a long post though. Please Help guys.
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  1. come on guys someone, toms is one of the best forums I have ever been to, this is a little disappointing, guys someone help Please
  2. Now that is rather strange. I got a xfx 780i and have ran cards in and not in sli mode. Is the gtx 570 in the top slot while the gts 250 is in the very bottom? If so try the middle slot?. What are the voltages on the 12v rail?
  3. yes, the GTX 570 is in the top slot and the GTS 250 is in the very bottom. I'll check the voltages and let you know.
  4. voltages as per HWmonitor with driver 263.09 :

    MIN : .62 V
    MAX: 2.11V (Both at idle)
  5. on the 12v rail? If so defective psu or board. The voltage has to be over 11.5v to be considered even remotely safe. The 12v rail is what powers most of the system.
  6. chech this out, I just played crysis for say 10 min and as per HWmonitor the max +12V voltage was 5.19V. The game didn't crash nor did the PC itself. Also, as per my detailed PSU specs, I have 6, yes 6 +12V rails, so we don't know which rail's voltages are being displayed. I have had this PC for almost 2 years now and have have completed games like crysis, crysis warhead, COD 4 and 6 on the GTS 250 (a fairly nice card) on the same config except the GTX 570 without crashes instability in whatsoever form, so I highly doubt there is anything wrong with the PSU. What's your verdict on this ?
  7. I tried to play the game again, but it did crash after 10 min.
  8. PSU should be enough if it's not defective, but those voltage numbers are weird. Try to check voltages for the video cards using GPU-Z from You might want to update your motherboard drivers/BIOS.

    Also check that you have PhysX configured properly in the Nvidia Control Panel.

    What PhysX games are you playing besides Metro 2033?

    Are you overclocking your GTX 570?
  9. As per manufacturer's site, I have the latest BIOS
    None of the components and for that matter the GTX 570 itself hasn't been overclocked
    GTS 250 is already set as Physx Card
    At the moment I have tried only Metro 2033, but the config crashes other games like Crysis as well, unlike earlier.
  10. as per GPU-Z :
    GTX 570 12V = 12.05V

    GTS 250 : there's nothing like 12V in the GTS 250's sersors tab, though there's something called VDDC=0.9500V
  11. guys is there anyone who can help me with this, I still can't get my PC to run stable
  12. Do you have an older spare card to try again with just to see if you can get it to work or have someone that you can bum a card off for a day or two?
  13. dont read the 12v from the card. get hwmonitor and use that. also, have you checked the temperatures of the cards? have you got adequate ventilation in your case? DONT cnnect the sli bridge, you are not running sli here. Make sure your psu is hooked up correctly so that each gfx card has its own rail from the psu. you probably want the gtx570 to have 2 rails to itself. dont use power connector adaptors or anything.
  14. karan_kewlz said:
    guys is there anyone who can help me with this, I still can't get my PC to run stable

    Bumping your thread again could end in closure or deletion. :non:

    * Bump posts,

  15. Have you reset you PCIe bandwidth in the BIOS since swapping cards?

    In my SLI i ran x16 +1

    After swapping to GTX570 + Physx card (8800GTX)
    i 1st set it to x8+x8, rebooted, then back to resolve issue with BSoD.
  16. as a side note the 8800 was later removed as it only offered increase power consumption and noise...two things i wasnt planning on upgrading.
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