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System fan failure after moving to an HAF 932 from an HP stock case.

I recently transplanted an HP e9200z (with the micro-ATX Aloe motherboard) into an HAF 932 Advacned full atx case. All runs well, except for a fan issue. When I boot, I receive an error message: "The system fan has failed. Service PC to prevent damage to the system. Press <F2> to continue."

Now, I know this is a result of removing the stock foxconn fan from the "sys_fan" plug on the mobo. I plugged in one of the cooler master fans to the sys_fan plug, but the fan did not spin. This message also appears if there is no fan plugged in to the sys fan plug. I know the fans are not faulty, as I literally just bought the case. How can I get rid of this bootup message?
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  1. Did you double check the connection for the fan? The fan should automatically spin once it is plugged in but if not then you may want to go into the BIOs and see whats up with it.
  2. It would not surprise me if the HP board has the cables on the 3 pin plug reversed just to be awkward!
  3. Enigma, I plugged in one of my Cooler Master fans, and I don't think the plug on the mobo is powerful enough to support any of them.

    Uther, It's definitely in an awkward place. But, the CM fan has a bracket on one side of the plug, and it does fit into the plug, even though the fans are not powered.

    Instead, I have (so far), plugged all of my fans directly into the power supply. Is there anything I should know/ be careful about?

    Never again, pre-builts, never again. My dad was against me building my own, and now I have to put up with HP's inferior mess until I can afford to get a new mobo that kicks computer ass :)
  4. If you can get in the bios you should be able to switch the system fan warning off, save those pennies so you can buy a new mobo soonest.
  5. Uther, when I hit F10 to go into the BIOS, there is no option to switch off the fan warning :/ At least, not that I have been able to find. I have looked in all of the tabs to no avail. I know the fans work well, as I downloaded speedfan and even while playing a game at 1080, the overall temperature rides around 37-40 C. Is there any sort of workaround you might be familiar with?
  6. Im afraid not, as you said, you cant find it so HP has probably locked that feature out, again buy yourself a board as soon as possible. HP MB are notoriously bad, as they use cheap components, what is your system specs anyway? CPU, RAM, GPU etc etc?
  7. *Sigh* I was afraid of that lol.
    As far as specs:

    AMD Phenom II X4 945

    6 gig of DDR3

    AMD Radeon HD 4850 1gb video card.

    I would take the mobo out and put another in now, but I kind of prefer intel, so that's the added cost of another processor. Also, since the video card is manufactured by AMD, I have a feeling it may not work well with an Intel processor :/
  8. It will work fine with an intel cpu, 6 gig of RAM ? how is that done? as AMD boards are 4 slots or 2 slots and to my knowledge there are no 1.5gig or 3 gig memory modules?
  9. Awesome to know it should work with an Intel processor. I know, it IS odd to have six gigabytes. But, there are literally four RAM slots, three of which are occupied. It must be 2gb in each slot, but like you, I have never seen this before myself. I can take a picture when I get home if it may help you shed some light :)
  10. That thus means that you are only getting a single channel data rate as only 3 are occupied, which is halving your data handling capabilities, you either need to go back to using just 2 modules or buy another 2gb module to use the 4th slot you will be amazed at how much quicker this makes your system.
  11. Wow, thanks, I was not aware that was an issue. So, knowing I want to dump this mobo when possible, should I go ahead and order additional ram for later? I know Newegg has G skill Ripjaw (8gb) on sale as well as 16gb (4x4gb sticks) on sale, but the clock speed is higher than my mobo supports. IS it a good idea to get the higher clock speed for when I get a new mobo?
  12. I wanted to post this link with the specs of my specific motherboard. I thought it might help you!
  13. Are you running Windows 7 64bit?
  14. Yep!
  15. OK well you have 2 choices you can try and identify your existing RAM and then buy another 2gb module of the same type, or you can just buy another new 8gb kit with your new board which is on sale like you said. If you tell me what country you live in i will see if i can give you the links to a good Mobo and RAM kit.
  16. I'm here in the States. I typically use Newegg or TigerDirect for computer purchases. If I opt to get a new RAM kit, can I put that RAM on the existing mobo until I am able to purchase a new one?
  17. Yes you can.

    Heres a RAM kit i recommend

    And heres a future Mobo i recommend, notice its AM3+ so will be able to accept AMDs new Bulldozer CPUs when they are released.
  18. Thanks so much! Would it be silly at this point to move to Intel since I have an existing AMD processor?
  19. That is entirely up to you, but personally i would upgrade your ram and mobo like i said above use your existing phenom, and then wait for bulldozer, which you can just slot into your new board when they come out.
  20. That makes sense. Is AMD about on the same playing field as Intel these days? When I last created a tower for a friend, AMD was known to lose speed when gaming in Windows. But, that was probably 4 years ago.
  21. Intel are ahead in the game at the moment, but Bulldozer is just around the corner, and all us AMD fans are hoping it will change things or at least bring AMD in line with Intel......... The Old David(AMD) and Goliath(Intel) battle continues my friend.
  22. Ha! I couldn't have said it better. I think I will take your advice and stick with AMD, as it would be financially stupid to switch to Intel at the moment. Will Bulldozer also be AM3, or is it getting its own new socket?
  23. It will be AM3+ which is why i recommended the above posted board as that is AM3+ but is backwards compatible with AM3 CPUs such as your Phenom II X4 945.
  24. Oh, excellent! Your comment made me do some research, and it looks like Intel may have 3 separate sockets while AMD has one. One is much easier to work with for cpu coolers, etc. I was looking at the Thuban line until you brought up the impending release of Bulldozer.

    Is this motherboard worth it? It strikes me as a mobo that would be great for the future.
  26. It would indeed serve you well now and in the future, another very important consideration for you is that of your power supply, what is it and what power rating is it in Watts?
  27. Suffice to say, it's a subpar power supply. I am not sure what the continuous voltage is off the top of my head. But, I do remember seeing a max output of only 450 W.
  28. My existing Foxconn Aloe mobo has the standard 20+4 pin connector as well as an additional plug for the motherboard. I was looking at one of the Corsair Enthusiast power supplies, like this one. Also, would you recommend modular, seeing as I have a full tower?
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    Yep you need to change that PSU, as for modular it does allow for a neater build, corsair PSUs are very good, but i swear by these
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