Z68 vs P67. What to get?

So I have been looking into building a tower for the first time. I had my mindset on a p67 mobo, but I was recently introduced to the Z68. Which apparently is a mobo that allows for both the OC capability and the Onboard graphics of the SB intel CPU.

I was originally planning on getting a gpu, but looking at it now, I think I might save up a little more money, use the onboard graphics card for now, and then purchase a higher end GPU later. I also heard there is a way to run both the onboard and a seperate GPU at the same time for better Graphics performance.

I would just like some experts opinions on the choice I should make, and perhaps recommend me a decent Mobo, whether it be a Z68 and P67.

Also, I am pretty sure z68 is fairly new, does that mean that it will have little support and knowledge out there about the Bios and firmware and whatnot. Being a first time builder, I could use all the support I can get.

Once again, I am just wondering if a Z68 is worth it, and whether my plan to use the Onboard GPU first will work or not.
Also, looking for recommendations. Thanks

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  1. Depends on your intended use of the system; for gaming systems, the oboard graphics of even the 2600k are just short of weak/useless, and most functions of the Z68 add little if discrete GPU is used anyway, as is ofen the case when choosing a $220 MB ....

    For gamers who also fancy themselves semi-pro video editors/encoders/decoders, the Z68 might make some sense. Unless you intend to use it's features, it is likely a way to waste an extra $75-$100, IMO
  2. My primary use for the Computer is going to be Video Editing/Rendering.
    Gaming will be the secondary use.
    At the moment, I need a replacement of my old computer. Wondering, if I will be able to use a different GPU with the Z68 MoBo which I will upgrade later on.
  3. If you are going to be using the pc for video editing then Z68 is the one you want, paired with a 2500k or 2600k the encode/decode power of the processor is perfect.
    You will be able later on if you choose be able to add in a gpu and using lucidLogix Virtu program you will be able to use the gfx power of a discrete gpu and the encode/decode power of the cpu.

    Edit: make sure you get a mobo with the appropriate video out ports, i noticed some of the gigabyte models dont have them!
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