$500 build, worth the investment?

I started playing Rift and my current computer cannot handle it, I want to upgrade, but my budget is ~$500. I play at 1440x990 (1280x720 when I use my tv). At the lowest settings I am getting 14fps max.

My current setup is:
Phenom x4 9500
3gb ddr2 667
HD5570 (Lame xfx ddr2 version)
500gb HDD

What I'm looking at purchasing:
Intel Core i5 2400
MSI H61M-P23 (B3)
Sparkle GeForce GTX 460 768MB (or 550 ti, they are the same price)
Micro Center 4GB DDR3-1333
Hitachi 7K1000.C 500GB HDD
PowerSpec Certified TX-606 mATX Mini-Tower
Visiontek 500 Watt ATX Power Supply
Total: $489 (before tax) I'm shopping at a local micro center.

Would this be worth investing in? Thank you much.
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  1. That looks to be a pretty cost effective upgrade. I'd try hard to get the 460(1 GB) version, do not shop for any video card with "SE" in it's designation....
  2. Looks good except for that PSU... I strongly recommend a higher quality one. Also, some people are fans of Hitachi HDDs, but I am not - I would get a Samsung or WD instead.
  3. Thanks for pointing out the PSU, that model didn't have the +12v rail with 24A needed for the GTX 460, I found something better suited. And I will look in to different HDD's.
  4. The Spinpoint F3s are the go-to drive here for recommendations. If you want you can post the PSU you found, also.
  5. My advice: if you're going to do a mid-range performance/value build, spend most of your budget on parts that will carry over into your next build, and that will also benefit your system the most:

    power supply
    hard drive

    All those parts are critical to the performance and reliability of your system, and they won't go obsolete any time soon.

    and maybe the videocard too. Paired up with a nice CPU like the i5 2400, you shouldn't get any bottlenecking for games. I'd look at the 6950 1 GB, it can be had right now for around $230 after rebate. It's a huge part of your budget, but spending a $30-50 for a better GPU can make your system carry well into several generations of games.
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