No BIOS, no video, fans and HDD led come on.

Hi all. A few months ago my computer all of a sudden would not boot to BIOS. The fans would turn on, the HDD would come on, but no video or BIOS beeps at all. Also, oddly enough, the power light would not come on under the power button.

....Since then, I've replaced the following:

Motherboard was replaced with a Foxconn A88GMW.
CPU replaced with AMD Phenom II x4 Black Edition 3.4ghz (OEM, but it's from Newegg...)
PSU replaced with a 600W, confirmed working in another tower.
Graphics card replaced with Nvidia 8600 (256mb), also confirmed working in another tower.
RAM was initially replaced with 2000mhz Corsair 2gig, but since then I switched to x2 4gig Corsair Vengeance (1600mhz, which is the board's higher compat rate)
I even took front panel cables from another tower and stuck them in. And nothing has gotten my computer to ever get to BIOS. It's the same problem, and I'm out of possible diagnoses.

I've tried using the onboard video with the external card removed, reset the CMOS, used the RAM one stick at a time, remounted both the motherboard and cpu, made sure there were no ill-placed motherboard mounts causing a short, triple checked all of my connections... I've done everything I can think of, and there's still no BIOS, no beeps, and no video at all, and no power LED. Does anyone have any insight into this issue? My computer has been down for a month and I'm really getting sick of it :( :(

Thanks in advance!
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  1. After reseating everything a second time (mboard included), I got it to actually show the power light, and I can once again power it off by holding the front panel button, but it still doesn't show any video or bios...
  2. When I got those symptoms, it meant my Power Supply wasn't powerful enough (took me a while to figure it out). Maybe you should switch to a 680w PSU. Remember, too much power will never get yoU issues :) .Also, try to reset CMOS before you buy anything.
  3. No way 600 is plenty of power for that setup. But it in fact sounds like a bad motherboard to me. It's not posting.
  4. Also, how many HDDs SSDs and fans do you have? If you have a controller card try taking it out for first boot.
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