GTX580+Arctic Cooling Xtreme + ?

Ordered ASUS GTX580, it's coming this monday.

I plan to overclock it, but not much. The only cooling option i can buy at the moment is Arctic Cooling Xtreme Plus. I can get it at a very, very cheap price.

I know that the stock cooler is good, but would i benefit from this cooler? I heard that it's quieter than stock cooler, but does it reduce heat more efficently?

Should i get it? ( please don't suggest any other, the question is just about the Artic Xtreme+ )
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  1. Did Arctic Cooling release a 580 compatible aftermarket cooler? I heard that people were going to try their 480 coolers, but Arctic Cooling was still testing it.

    Either way, I'm not sure you'd get a whole lot more cooling as the cooler on there is pretty damn snazzy:

    There's a review of idle and load temps on the card(s).
  2. I don't have that model :(

    And yes, you can mount it on GTX580...
  3. Arctic Cooler's have a reputation for not only reducing heat, but for reducing it while also reducing noise too.

    I'd say you're pretty safe putting it on there. Just make sure you also use a really good thermal paste and not some PoS. Use something like... Arctic Silver!! : )
  4. The reference cooler on the GTX 580, as you know, is very good and very quiet. The Arctic Cooling Accelero Extreme is probably better at dissipating heat, resulting in generally lower operating temperatures, but it vents heat back inside the case, where the reference cooler vents heat outside the case.

    I would suggest waiting for a review of the Sparkle GTX 580 Calibre, which comes with the Arctic Cooling Accelero Extreme cooler to see how it performs. Without specific info, I can't say that changing out the stock vapor chamber cooler would be necessary. When I overclock (~820 mhz), my temps barely go up at all with the reference cooler and the fan always stays below the 75% level. I guess try the card out first, then see if you still want to upgrade the cooling.
  5. From the Sparkle news release:

    "Using the Accelero Xtreme cooling solution from Arctic Cooling, the Calibre X580 Graphics Card provides ultimate cooling weapon for hardcore gamers. The Accelero Xtreme features 5 heatpipes, 107 fins and 3 PWM fans. The radical optimized air flow design is targeting to cool effectively up to 240 Watt heat dissipation. The Accelero Xtreme can dramatically cool the temperature of the GTX 580 GPU at least 15ºC lower than the stock cooler. Together with the integrated memory and voltage regulator cooling, the Accelero Xtreme not only enhances the overclocking potential but also extends the card's service life. The three PWM fans from Accelero Xtreme bring maximum air flow but operate extremely silence, thanks to the low noise impellor design and the patented fan holder which eliminates the humming noise. The unnoticeable operation of Accelero Xtreme brings you the unparallel non-disturbed gaming experience ever before."
  6. I decided to cancel the order on Asus card and got the Twin Frozr model instead...

    Hope i didn't make a mistake...
  7. They new Twin Frozr II cooler has been a champ at producing the lowest temperatures out of the current crop. The Asus DirectCU II is very wide, maybe a full triple-slot configuration. The Twin Frozr II is a double slot cooler, and has an nice overclock of 823 mhz, which I have to work for with my reference card. Both ard good cards, but I think you make a good decision.
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