Question about Nvidia GFX cards and HDTVs....

So right now I have a Nvidia based GFX card that has a regular HDMI slot. Right now I have it connected to a HDTV with a HDMI slot.

I hear that newer Nvidia based GFX cards have some sort of smaller HDMI slot.

Is this true?

If so, do they all have that?

Are there cables that have a regular HDMI female on one end and the smaller HDMI female on the other.

My main concern is that I want to buy another Nvidia based GFX card but I know my HDTV doesn't have the smaller HDMI slot and I will not be able to hook it up.
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  1. The cards come with a mini HDMI to regular HDMI adapter. I just bought a 560gtx from MSI and it has a little adapter for full size HDMI plugs.
  2. Ok, thanks.
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