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Call of Duty Black ops fps lag spikes

I recently bought Call of Duty Black Ops on pc and I have the most infuriating lag spikes throughout the multiplayer. I'm running two 480's and have set the sli settings to "Alternate Frame Render", have done the config edits, and also set my cpu priority to high and this game stills runs horribly. Without vsync I get over 100fps, but it dips constantly and runs so choppy in comparison to, for example, Bad Company 2. I got this game instead Of Bad Company Vietnam mainly because I prefer close quarters combat. My CPU utilization spikes all the way to a 100% at times, while both y gpu's stay pretty low. I set the settings to 16 aa hoping that the demanding aa would force my gpu's to work harder, but it runs even worse. I have an i5-750 @ 3.8, so I assume that's not a real bottleneck for me. Anyone have any success? Thanks
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  1. And really my main issue is this- I'm seeing constant fps hovering well over 100, but with vsync it drops and stutters.
  2. Have you tried using 1 GPU?
    Are you using Steam for this or a retail copy?
  3. Yes I have, and I got similar results. I am using a Steam version of the game. I mean without vsync it runs ok except for the occasional hitch but when I enable vsync it's a stutter fest. I am almost resigned to believe the game is this poorly coded
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    Do other games run fine ?
    Because there are many users experiencing the same problem with BO.It's not very well optimized.(I played the game w/5970 and I had lots of FPS drops.I used few tweaks by editing the cfg.They improved but I still had fps drops.)
  5. Every other game runs fine. Time to wait for Battlefield 3 I guess
  6. I play BFBC2 with crossfire 6870s and an AMD P2 955 @ 4.0ghz, I do experience some small lag spikes but I think its mainly due to my less than excellent internet service, although sometimes I wonder what the hell is going on and if its a driver issue effecting crossfire, but overall its a very enjoyable experience. On the other hand the small stutters drive me absolutey nuts, especially after spending 4-500 on GPUs
  7. I've experienced some lag on Bad Company, but it was more server lag I think, going through walls, etc. Otherwise it runs smooth for me-Black ops, on the other hand, does not. If I enable vsync I ca't get a steady 60 fps, so I may just deal with screen tearing
  8. yeah some of the battlefield servers bog things down I believe... amazing how smoke and dust can bring a server to a hault, lol
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  10. Guys I knew What is the problem. When I installed Bo it worked over 100 FPS. Then ahter months it became laggy

    *FIX: If you have ( x360ce - xinput1_3.dll - Xinputtest) installed in folder either you delete it or connect your Game pad.

    It happened with BO and NFS:shift 2 and fixed them.
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