Cpu overheated now the computer Crashes during prime95

Hi, I recently upgraded my cpu to a Amd Athlon x2 4400+ (socket 939) from a Athlon 3200+
but when I did so I didn't put the heatsink back on correctly. I went into the hardware monitor in the bios and checked my CPU and it had reached a temparture of 110 Degrees Celcius at which point I turned off the PC straight away. I have now fitted the heatsink and fan correctly and I am getting a Cpu temperature of 38 degrees celcius on idle. The computer seems to be running fine but when I run prime95 the CPU reaches around 45-50 degrees and after around 2 minutes the computer lockups. It does not restart or shutdown but nothing works. I have left it for 10 minutes and can get no response from it. After the lockup I have restarted the computer and went back into the BIOS hardware monitor and the CPU temperature is never over 50 so don't think its crashing from the CPU being overheated.
Could the CPU be faulty after it reached the temperature of 110?
I was thinking that maybe because I installed windows XP with the single core it may be a problem with the operating system now that I have a dual core CPU? So I am going to try re-installing windows XP with the new dual core CPU. Anything else I could try?
I have done a memory test with memtest86 and it passed and as the memory was working with the old processor so I have ruled that out. I don't think its the PSU as its a Cooler master igreen 600watt so more than enough power for the companents and it was working fine with the old processor.
So the only problems I can see is either the motherboard is dead from the high heat, The cpu is dead from the heat or the operating system is having a problem with the CPU? Is there anything else I should check?
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  1. We will need full system specs including MB make and model number.

    This could be a BIOS or WIndows XP drivers problem like you said, it could also be an overheating problem dont forget prime95 stresses your CPU like nothing else ever will, so causes alot of heat fast, are you using the 3200 cooler or the X24400 cooler?
    Also what PC case do you have?
  2. The system is quite old.
    The motherboard is an MSI MS-7093. On the MSI website it is listed as RS482M2-IL/ L. I have the latest BIOS.
    Processor is the athlon x2 4400+, it has 1gb of kingston memory installed (2x512mb) and a ATI Radeon X300SE graphic card.
    I am using the cooler from the 3200 but when prime95 is running the CPU doesn't seem to go over 50 degrees celcius.
    The case is a Casecom 6788 with the stock fan as an intake and a xilence 120mm fan for an exhaust fan.
    Windows XP has installed the new driver for the new CPU and in the device manager it shows the two cores and in the tasks manager it also been shown.

    I think I may try reformatting and re-installing XP tonight and see if that helps.
    I'm just quite worried that when I installed the CPU with the heatsink incorrectly installed and it reached 110 degrees that it has damaged the CPU or the motherboard or is this uncommon?
  3. If you damaged your CPU when it reportedly reached 110c i dont think it would work at all. What do you use to monitor your system temps, you should use Hardware Monitor, which not only gives you Core temps but also sckt temps, you need to upgrade your cooler aswell as your old one just is not sufficient to cope with the new CPU under load, buy a cheap Arctic Freezer 7/Pro, you can pick them up for under £14.
  4. I use Hardware monitor and core temp.

    I thought 50c under load was ok so would be fine with the stock cooler for now although I will upgrade the cooler eventually.
  5. First try reinstalling Windows, as I agree with Uther39 about damaging CPU; Means if CPU is damaged due to temperature then it will be dead completely.

    If after reinstall it hangs then try running multiple applications at the same time (like lot of browser pages and some basic applications) because these can then make system hang also if your processor is damaged. If that is fine for an hour or so then you have to try some other CPU cooler also.
  6. Thanks for both your help. I will try reinstalling windows tonight and hopefully that resolves the problem.
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