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I have several onboard nics with Dell optiplex, installed Windows xp. why is that sometimes the nic card is set for 100mb full duplex and not Auto negotiate. it will do this sometimes on some pc's then i have to manually change it to Auto? :??:
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  1. Could be the imaging process Dell used. Or it may have been manually configured.

    It depends on who set the computer up.
  2. I setup the computer months ago was fine until recently when the users phone which is VOIP lost it's DHCP server. the phone is back up now but the properties of the card was configured for 100mb which made the connection really slow.
  3. trying to figure out why it switched to that and not stayed as Auto.
  4. Could have been an MS update for the NIC driver, or a Dell update that was applied. Could have been set and whoever forgot about it.

    Generally, yes, default is Auto. If you want the best performance you generally hard set it to 100/full if you can get away with it.
  5. when it was set as 100mb full duplex it would run terribly slow, after setting it to auto speed comes back.
  6. i did all that before i just want to know why it does it. makes no sense. crappy drivers maybe
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