Error code 99 on msi motherboard

Whenever i attempt to boot a new rig i made for my aunt, all i get is a cursor in the top left that doesnt blink and a 99 in the bottom right corner. i assume this is a motherboard error code. my mobo is this one :H61M-P20 (G3) H61. does anyone have any idea what that might mean
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  1. Sounds like a bad CPU or MOBO. MOBO's use beeps as post code errors not what your seeing.
  2. I know this is a old topic, but i have the exact same problem also on a msi motherboard, would appreciate if anyone shared some thoughts.
  3. I have an MSI motherboard and got the same thing.

    I called them because I am on a time crunch on getting this done. What they told me is it is it an input device causing the error. So unplug EVERYTHING that is inputs including the ones on the motherboard (USB and audio) and try booting with only a keyboard. Be sure things like sound cards and nic cards are disconnected also.

    I did this and was able to get the system to boot up now I have to find where the problem is more.
  4. i plugged in a PS2 keyboard and it boots fine. Won't boot without it. But it does get me past 99 error (you may have to press and hold the delete key)
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