6950 bottleneck/First Build Feedback

I recently built my first PC. I'm on a bit of a budget so I bought an athlon ii x3 450. I also bought a PNY 560 TI OC2. My motherboard only supports crossfire so I have been considering just buying a 6950 and flashing it to a 6970. I was just wondering if my CPU would be bottlenecking. I'm a bit hesitant about overclocking my cpu though.

Here are the rest of my specs incase anyone can see any other changes I should make.

New Rig:
730W PSU
PNY 560 TI OC2 900Mhz
Athlon ii x3 450 3.2Ghz
Corsair 8Gb DDR3 1600 Mhz
ASrock 880g Pro 3
500GB 7200RPM
Monitor: 23" at 1920x1080
Win. Vista 64 bit.
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  1. ^ For a single 6950/ it might not, but if you will be going Crossfire. then surely it will bottleneck those cards,...
    Have you tried unlocking the CPU ? And if you have enough courage to flash the graphic card, then why not overclock your CPU ? IMO it is not that difficult, but just make sure you get an aftermarket CPU cooler...
  2. I have a 212+ and because honestly I'm not really sure how. I tried changing some settings in OC tweaked in my bios for my CPU but when I hit enter the value resets, and I have unlocked the 4th core. On the subject of CPU bottlenecking crossfire, I do plan on getting either a 1090 or bulldozer when it comes out.

    Edit: The reason I cant raise the values is because it says the settings already at maximum.(in this case the CPU frequency)
  3. ^ Hmm,... have you tried checking in the net ? Info on how to overclock with that mobo ? Did you update the BIOS/ UEFI ? I dont see why you cant increase the CPU frequency,...Post in the Overclocking section in our forums and see if you get any solution for that,...
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