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Samsung 22" 226BW
Started flickering--took 8-12 tries before it would stay on, then it would work fine.
Found bulgy caps on power supply board. Replaced all 5 of them with the same values. Now the monitor comes on 1st time, but it is a white screen. Win7 sees it when I plug it in--identifies it as the correct model, but no picture. I've checked all the cables, nothing obvious.
Any ideas of what I could have screwed up?
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  1. Works now, had the cable to the lcd from the main board flipped.
    $5 + $5 shipping to repair....
    Digi-Key is a good place to order online for caps--order a spare--<$1 ea
    Lots of equipment failing now after 3-4 years of use--bad batch of cheap caps used in lots of lcd monitors and tvs..
    The power supply board in mine was single layer, so easy to remove and replace the capacitors. Be very careful with the flat cables inside--very fragile connectors on them.
  2. awesome
    sorry we were no help at all :)
    good job
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