Barebones or Individual Components (concrete example)

Hi guys, I need you opinion. I am building a new HTPC+NAS system, and after analysing my budget and looking at whats available, I got to a cross road. Please can you tell me what you would choose

1) Asus V7-P8H67E Barebones
Cost £120


+In Win EM019 MicroATX Case - £25
+PSU Antec 450W VP450P (not 80+) - £30
+Mobo Gigabyte GA-H67MA-D2H-B3 -£80
Cost £135

As you can see the above is the about the same build, i.e. Socket 1155 Chipset H67 Mobo; PSU 350W+; Mini Tower Case and as the price is similar, I dont know what to choose. I will be adding to this an intel i3 2100T, 2 SATA HDDs , 1 DVD Drive and 2GB DDR3 RAM - nothing less, nothing more.

Please can you tell me what you would go for i.e. 1 or 2 and why?

Thank you.

PS: I appreciate that the 450W psu is overkill, but it was the cheapest branded one I could find with a 120mm fan.
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  1. LOL! I love that... I would appreciate a reply though. Thanks
  2. At that level, Its down to which you like the look of more, I'd go the homebuild route personally,
    mostly because I love building and modding, you may prefer to buy the pre-build for ease though,
    and if you build it ofc, we're here to (mostly) help :)
  3. Great, thanks. Two things worry me about the barebones, 1 the PSU which although the Antec I chose is of basic level, the one that comes with the barebones may not even be branded, and 2, the spec for the barebones says, "Operating system supported: Windows 7", and I intend to put either XP or Linux so I dont want to have any trouble with that... Would you agree with these points?
  4. If windows 7 is supported than xp and linux will work too. As for PSU in the barebones I would call/email to find out exactly what make and model you get. I would go build your own also for the same reasons as motopsychojdn.
  5. Thanks, I have askes Asus about the PSU but their customer service is terrible and havent replied after a few days...Also, bare in mind that the Antec psu I listed for the non-barebones option is the bottom of the line, it is not even 80plus compliant.
  6. I was going to suggest asking them, but if you dont get a reply,dont buy imo
    at least the antec you listed, you know what it is, and what to expect from it, and can easily swap it out if needs be,
  7. Moto, you are right sir. The useless Asus support is putting me off big time. By the way, what speed DDR3 RAM do I need to buy for the13 2100T processor 1066 or 1333?
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